Savage Beauty at the V&A:

Last week I attended the Alexander McQueen exhibition ‘Savage Beauty’, which was absolutely mesmerising. From the moment I stepped inside to the moment of stepping out, I felt like I was being carried down a warren into a world of fantastical enchantment and an awe-inspiring display of mastery for all the senses. The show, and it was quite literally a show, encompassed music, quotes and accessories, and dresses! Where dresses meet costume, in what seemed like a cabinet of curiosities. With mannequins rotating, fashion film looping and a heavenly hologram stretching the imagination beyond reality, into a theatre of McQueens personal representational view of life and death. A physical stage of his creativity, ideas and fantasies, kaleidoscopically merging into one illustrious visual edit of his career. His designs are captivating and beauteous, boasting technique and skill. A remarkable display of talent, and the most engaging exhibition I have seen in some time.