Paul Gorman is a recent graduate of the Arts University College Bournemouth. Not short of talent his work at his graduate show ‘Paradalia’ was a remarkable contribution to the show. Confounded, I was immediately drawn in.

Like a flashback, an abstraction in the mind, a dream, Pauls’ work to me is visually stimulating yet theraputic. His work explores themes of perception, playing with light and the beauty of natural form. A visual getaway from the mundane, he kaleidascopically merges his exposures, transcending us into the sublime. Through his work, he demonstrates how the build up of knowledge through the senses can create a more accustomed account of the relationship we have to the external world.

Gorman uses a toya 5x4 field camera and all his work is shot on film, with very little post production. This allows much greater enlargement and is able to keep the detail. Most of his work is taken around the Somerset and Dorset area, as well as in the New Forest and Bournemouth beach. It is the interaction between the light and the film that he is most interested in, and with stunning results.

Gorman’s work falls into the ‘Abstract’ category of photography. This genre can produce quite dramatic imagery, as it relies mostly on our more primal sense of form, colour, shape and curve, than the usual subject of detail. Gorman effectively takes a different view of our world, questioning the way we look at it. Each image has an effectual use of layering and opacity.

In abstract photography, there really is only one rule to follow and that is, there are no rules. Gormans’ project has created a materpiece of colour, pattern, and texture. I really recommend you go and check him out!!! See below for details:

Email him at: paulg27@hotmail.co.uk

Find him at: http://www.paulgormanart.co.uk/index.html
Course website: