Narrative Photography Course

An affordable intensive short course in London

Who We Are

I am a freelance photographer, tutor and CEO of Snap London Tours. I have joined up with my friend Clare, who is a BBC Africa Journalist who commissions photographers everyday to pitch photoessays to go with BBC Africa articles. We've been friends since meeting on a photojournalism course back in 2016.

What We Do

Clare came to me with a problem. Photographers often submit photo essays that lack a story or narrative. So often because of this they cannot simply be printed or published. Photographers are failing to submit what journalists are looking for! So together we have come up with a course that spins the worlds of technical photography and journalism that aims to equip students or photographers with the skills to create a strong photo essay to pitch to journalists with great story telling that will get you noticed and published.

Starting September 1st 2019!

Why improve your photography skills?

Photography is demonstrably the most contemporary of art forms. It is the most vital, effective and universal means of communication of facts and ideas between peoples and nations!

A 4-week intensive course across all Sundays

What you will learn:

This course aims to provide you with enough lectures and workshops to enable you to produce an 8-12 image photo-essay that will be of a publishable standard and kick-start your photo-journalism career.

Course content includes:

Basic exposure theory to get everyone on the same level and clear up questions 

Lighting on location and in the field

Lenses -when and why!

Story telling and creating a narrative

Peer critiques, feedback and presentations will make up the main teaching pedagogies

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